Thursday, November 24, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

    Pretty much anything space related are an interesting subject to me, the idea of living on another planet is an exciting prospect to research and think about. That's the reason i decided to do Proxima Centauri as my research project, I found that it existed while looking through news articles for a project idea, before that i did not know much about exoplanets or how we find and study them.
This year's presentation similar to a TED Talk was perfect for this subject, giving a way to present it in an informative way.

    As I said earlier space related stuff is extremely interesting to me. Until I started researching this i did not know much about exoplanets or the study of them. This entire project has been a great opportunity/motivator for me learn all about our fascination in other planets and how we study them.

    The most challenging part of this project was getting the facts straight, after the discovery of  Proxima B was announced there were hundreds of posts and articles regarding it. As with most subjects that attract massive amounts of attention some of the details were different depending on who wrote the article. Sorting through and comparing all of this information was the hardest and the most complicated part of the project.

    Doing this project has helped me learn how to research things in-depth a little better to find as much genuine information as possible from various posts and articles. Being able to find accurate information is an extremely useful skill for pretty much anything, especially if you need genuine facts for a project or a paper.

    If i had to improve something about the project it would be the way i presented it, I'm the first to admit i am awful at explaining pretty much anything and the fact that I didn't write a script really did not help. If I had to do it again I would; No.1 Be clearer about certain points of interest, No.2 Have an actual script so that i would be sure to get all the information across without confusion.

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